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There have been many processes that over the years have inspired me from film to digital and the combination of both techniques. While I was teaching I read about a technique called the Henry Beck process.  The process utilized color slide film and was first developed in Black and White chemistry, re-exposed to White Light, then developed in C-41 chemistry. The entire process took about 8 hours from start to finish. Other experiments included shooting a roll of film several times, Poloroid Transfers, collaging prints and re-photographing projected images.

Ordering Information

• Images are printed on the finest Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta satin paper. 
• Image dimensions are 20" long edge and printed on 17"x 22" paper.
• Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. 
• Once the order is received it will be processed and sent to the printer.
• Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.
• Prints will be shipped by UPS via mailing tubes.
• Please contact Marcia Treiger for special orders.

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