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Marcia Goldner Treiger is a visual artist working with fine art, photography, printmaking, collage and Mixed Media. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art at Temple University where she majored in Photography and Graphics Arts Production. She also received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Moore College of Art, and was granted one of four traveling fellowships for summer study abroad.

Marcia has an extensive background in teaching and lecturing at the university level, and is highly skilled in motivating and challenging students in the classroom. Many of her students have gone on to work in their own successful businesses.

Marcia's work has exhibited extensively throughout the US and abroad. Her work is part of several permanent collections, including the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Linda McCartney private collection.

Artist Statement

I continually explore the fine arts and create new bodies of work for my exhibitions. The theme of illusion is prevalent in much of  my work, and I specialize in working with many camera formats, especially pinhole cameras.

My artwork reflects a language of symbols, illusions and invisible layers that connect all things to each other. It is sometimes difficult to know which is more real, the image that is seen or the image perceived.

As an artist and explorer of ideas and concepts my artwork poses questions about life, not answers. My images are observations from a trained and passionate eye. My fascination is with all that is unseen, intuitive and magical. My artwork is about a world that speaks of nature, evolution and spirituality.

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